Health issues that can help with chiropractor

However, back and neck pain can be the typical things that send people to a chiropractor, there are other reasons to see this kind of doctor. A variety of health issues can respond positively to chiropractic care after receiving adjustment. Sometimes the pain can be relieved or other symptoms may stop for these treatments.

Foundational Information

Before learning about specific health issues that could be added by looking for these treatments, learning about how this care works. A chiropractor finds and adopts long-spine. With the resolution of these issues, the body and the brain can communicate effectively. This renewed activity of the nervous system often results in improved or resolved symptoms and pain disappeared.

Ear infections

Ear infections are a common problem with children due to the horizontal position Eustachian tubes. After changes in the upper cervical region and occiput (back of the skull), many patients experience improved middle ear drainage. With this drainage, patients often have less pain and symptoms disappear quickly. Patients may even be able to avoid the use of antibiotics with regular treatments.


Adjustments can also affect autism symptoms. With autism, patients may experience issues unusual movement in the spine and misalignment. These problems can create both neurological and structural lapses between the nervous system and spine. With these disorders, a variety of factors can cause, including neuroendocrine problems associated with how the body metabolizes cholesterol. With chiropractic care, patients demonstrated significant improvement, including increased attention, calmer behavior, eyes, and start the speech. Some patients are even effective to reduce or prevent drug.

Chronic stress

People who get chronic stress can find these unpleasant symptoms lead to other health issues such as depression, tension and insomnia. Although many things can lead to stress, chiropractor may offer some relief. Stress can affect the joints and muscles in and around the spine. With increasing stress, pain may begin around the spine, neck and shoulders. Headaches may occur too. With regular adjustment of the spine to correct misalignment, many patients experience less pain and discomfort.

Blood pressure

A special adaptation can be effective to reduce blood pressure. The Atlas vertebra is located on the top vertebrae. If chiropractor realigns this vertebra, many patients experience an average of 14 mm Hg reduction in systolic blood pressure – the upper number count. Patients also experience an average 8 mm Hg reduction in diastolic blood pressure – the lower number of counts. This improvement occurs without the use of drugs.


This brain disease involves the disruption of how the nervous system interprets the information, resulting in seizures. Adjustments to correct misaligned vertebra can reduce neurological impairment stress. By reducing stress, it is common for nervous system function to improve and epileptic symptoms subside.

If you have questions about whether this type of care could help reduce your symptoms, consult a chiropractor for support and advice.

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