Create Your Youth Fountain

Like Ponce de Leon explored Florida for the miraculous Fountain of Youth, little did he realize that he was already up to give him a long-term health. He chose some ways the danger drawn cheers him so as to explore the wilds and missing out on some excellent nutrition he sailed and searched, but he did have some elements right. My Fountain of Youth contains five very important aspects: friendship, curiosity, exercise, nutrition and inspiration. Although sometimes just missing the right food or I can not exercise because of sniffles Overall, everything I need is within easy reach, in my heart and soul.

The first and most important ingredient is the friendship. Now I realize that as a writer I should save the best for last, but in this case friendship is the foundation. Without loving parents, a sibling, a spouse caring, dedicated children, trusted friends and great colleagues or mixed pay, life is pretty sorrowful state. From conception to old age, healthy relationships of love and kindness build and maintain us. This friendship offer warmth, counseling, shelter and longevity. Loneliness is isolating and destructive; rich friends are powerful and inspiring.

A curious mind is the next requirement for good health. You must think and design products and hold your breath for fear to keep your mind working at a high level of skill and grace. Reading and research building relationships; conversation includes knowledge; The study increases Neuron firings and synaptic activity construction. Use your head every day in a myriad of situations and conditions strengthens every penny be. The mind is an amazing property.

Next, you must practice. Just as you increase the power of your mind, you will strengthen your body with activities that increase blood flow to bring oxygen to each cell and limbs. I prefer to run (actually jogging!) Because I can be out-of-doors, I can scale hills and down valleys, I can go through nature or jump through neighborhoods. I am free, at peace, one gracious solitude, and I’m physically and mentally active. Running allows time for thought and reverence, to improve my health, but also enjoy a burst sunrises, scampering bunnies and friendly “hellos” from other runners and walkers.

To maintain my mind and body that I need to eat well. I’ve always been aware of good food and delicious chocolate and sugar confectionery. Having had a brief bout with anorexia (until a friend of scared me straight) I fretted over my weight in my life. Running has helped me to keep calories in focus as the extra weight is always a draw and clear my mind and centering on nutrition has helped me keep a good diet: fruits, vegetables, whole grains and calcium-rich foods. Change in meat a year ago, I had to restructure my eating to make sure that I also use adequate protein, concern with most vegetarians. I still love chocolate and there are few things sweeter than ice cream but I also pay attention to healthy consumption as well.

And finally I need daily inspiration, rushing and clipping that sent my heart and mind swirling and soaring to do good, to make a difference and to help others. I volunteer in schools because children are informative and brighten my day. I work with caregivers who have a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease because I feel the pain of having lost my mother and my sister in this horrible, incurable disease. I write to express our deepest thoughts and feelings and also helps me to plan and evaluate them to put them into good order. I chat with family and friends, provide service to others, and try to live a good and clean life. I must admit that I complained about things I can not fix, and then remind myself that this is out of my control, and I sometimes say negative things about people and events know gossipy my hat is non-productive, but overall I try to live by honest, honesty, purpose and reliability.

The last four character traits are huge, almost to the point of being overwhelming, but all are important to live a good life. I add them to my life and my style living along the five essential ingredients: friendship, curiosity, exercise, nutrition and inspiration. This impressive combination I can achieve anything. They create their own Fountain of my youth!

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